Thursday, October 4, 2007

Engraving my plates

Can you imagine how little I would write if I had to engrave everything on metal plates the way that Nephi and the other prophets did? I was thinking of that as I was reading this morning. What a time consuming effort it must have been to engrave every single symbol onto those plates. Sometimes I think it's a pain just having to write something by hand instead of typing, and I think it would frustrate me to have to sit and carve out every letter of what I'm trying to write (especially since even typing can't keep pace with my thoughts half the time!)
What patience they must have had, and what an amazing act of love for their children and future generations. I'm so glad they had the faith, the persistence, and the time to record their most important thoughts and teachings. Makes me feel a bit guilty that I only write in my journal once every couple of months! Maybe I should copy and paste all my entries on here, print them out and paste them in there!
Just another reason to love living in this day and age!


Steve and Jamie said...

I think that blogging is an excellent way of creating a record. I am horrible about keeping a journal--probably because I don't like to write things by hand too. I can't read my own handwriting!

Mama D said...

When Leslie helped Dory and me create our blogs, she showed us her 3 ring binder, full of printed copies of her blog posts!

Blogging IS a version of keeping a journal! (I think we've all improved on our record-keeping in the past month, don't you?!)

Leslie said...

Think how fun it would have been if they had had blogs back then. We could have read their everyday thoughts instead of just the most important things. I'm not knocking the most important things -- for goodness sakes!! That's why their called THE MOST IMPORTANT, because they are! I'm just saying, how fun it would be to read Helaman, or Nephi, or Captain Moroni, or Hagoth's records of everyday events. Now that would be really cool!

lou said...

Thanks Patty- I had forgotten what a sacrifice of time it must have been to keep the record. After I had read your blog I was reading with Madeline and when we had repeditive verses I kept thinking that it must have been a really important message and I should pay more attention.