Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Conference thoughts

I was so uplifted and energized by conference this last weekend. There were so many really fantastic talks. I thought it was interesting that a few of them seemed aimed at those who don't understand our religion, and trying to help them have a clearer view of it. It was great to hear the testimonies about such things as sustaining our church leaders, our doctrine on the Godhead, and that the Book of Mormon and Bible are scriptural witnesses that authenticate each other.
I try to take notes during conference (it helps me to focus better and helps me to recall the talks until I get my Ensign) and a lot of the things I write down are in my words (usually shortened so I can write down the gist of it.) I can't wait for the text of the talks to come out so I can get the "official" quotes from them!
Here are some of the gems I jotted down:
The gospel has the power to lift you to great heights, regardless of circumstances. The gospel answers life's most complicated questions in a way that even a child could understand. -Dieter F. Uchtdorf
The path to eternal life is not on a plateau, it is on an incline! We determine the level of our current personal contribution. - Keith K. Hilbig
We need mothers who know who they are, who God is, and who keep their covenants. There is eternal influence and value in motherhood. Home is where women have the most power and influence. - Julie B. Beck
Two basic aspects of spiritual development are: 1. avoid and overcome the bad and 2. doing good and becoming better. -David A. Bednar
Every individual must have their own personal testimony, each must find out for themself. We need to know that we know. A price must be paid to acquire a testimony. - Douglas L. Callister
Service needs to be given unselfishly, when it's needed, and not just when it's convenient. We should look for ways to serve in small ways, and not wait for someone to ask. -Steven E. Snow
Some choices are good, but others are better. Be careful not to waste our time only on things that are good, but look for better or best things to do. Preserve time for family prayer, scripture reading, and family home evening. Work at our responsibility as parents. Time needs to be spent teaching gospel principles. Vigorously act to increase family togetherness time. -Dallin H. Oaks

As with many of the posts I've already read lately, I loved seeing Elder Wirthlin "endure to the end" of his talk, and the loving support of Elder Nelson at his side. This one act spoke volumes about Christlike love and service. What a fitting way to show the meaning of his talk about charity. I also thought about how gracefully Elder Wirthlin accepted the help. There was no shrugging it off or acting as though he could handle it on his own. Just a quiet acceptance and a hearfelt "thank you" as he was helped back to his seat. What a great example for each of us when we need to be humble and ask for and accept help.

For me, there seemed to be a theme of "raising the bar" in our families and our homes. The impressions that I felt most were that we need to keep on working, keep moving forward and not be too complacent about the level we've already worked so hard to reach. We can always do better, and we can do it without feeling guilty for not being there yet!

We have so much to be thankful for!! Let's all look for the hand of God touching our lives today, and every day! (Thanks to Elder Henry B. Eyring for that one!)


Nettie said...

Well said! It is interesting to me to read the conference notes of others, and then compare them to my own. We often receive the same ideas, but also often receive other, very different ideas. When we say that the talks "speak to us" as individuals, I think that is really true!

Papa D said...

You won't get any insight from my conference notes - since I can't get any meaning from speeches or talks if I am taking notes as I listen. Luckily, I also am a big picture guy who really doesn't care about remembering the details.