Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Be careful

Jacob didn't write much, be what he did include was pretty powerful. In Chapter 7 verse 23 he gives us a lesson on being careful about who and what we listen to and are influenced by. He mentions that "they searched the scriptures, and hearkened no more to the words of this wicked man" referring to his people in response to Sherem, who was trying to convince everyone that Christ would not come. It struck me that this is exactly what we need to be doing if we want to be confident about the path we are on. If we will search the scriptures we will find the answers we are looking for, we will be guided to do those things that are pleasing to God, and we won't be swayed by the powerful words of "evil men." We need to be careful as we keep our minds open to other people's ideas that we test them against what we know to be true, scripturally and doctrinally. We need to make sure that we aren't swayed by powerful arguments and flattering words. Sometimes we may even need to check ourselves and look inward to see if we haven't consciously or subconsciously adopted the false doctrines of others because it presented an easier way or a more pleasant sounding option.
I think I am fairly open minded and love to hear other people's viewpoints, but I also like to make sure that what I'm hearing is the real story and not just someone's spin on it. I like to research what I hear about, and learn about both sides of an issue, because it is often in the middle of both versions that the truth is found. As much as I love learning new ways to think and different ways of looking at things, I try not to be persuaded by someone just because they make a convincing argument, or because they are an eloquent speaker. I want to be careful that in all of my learning I am not tempted to stray from the pure doctrine of Christ. So, I will continue to listen to any opinion that's presented, from the right to abortion to illegal aliens to whether women should hold the priesthood. I won't agree with someone just because I like them or because they seem to have it all figured out. If I'm in doubt, Jacob has shown me how to be certain... just search the scriptures and stay close to the source of all truth.


Leslie said...

You are so wise! Thanks for sharing your insights!

By the way, I looove the new look for your blog!

lou said...

I think this one is really tricky. It is a reminder to continue to 'grow your testimony.' I was a member of a ward many years ago where the Bishop became inactive and even antagonistic toward the church while he was serving (as a Bishop). I can't say if he was doing everything he should have (scripture study-daily prayer-etc- or not), but I knew his wife fairly well and knew he had gotten involved with some prominent Anti-LDS people, thinking he could 'bash' with them, but in the end HE was the one converted.

Papa D said...

Amen, sister. That's my muddle in the middle - the constant effort to avoid the easy extremes and carve out my own understanding from each side as I adhere strictly to the Gospel foundation that brings me such joy.

Papa D said...

I probably should add that I avoid the rabid anti- stuff specifically because it represents a toxic extreme and contaminates all who engage it - on either side.

chelle said...

Love your new blog look!! I am jealous!!

You are always so insiteful with the I detect a Sunday school calling in your future?? ( oh that would be the gospel according to Chelle huh eek...forget I said that!)