Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What would you like to know about me?

So what sort of stuff would people like to know about me? I'm a pretty quiet and private person so I don't think there are too many people out there who really know a lot about me. I wonder just how personal people would like for me to be? And I wonder if I would actually be brave enough to reveal the most personal facets of my life.
So, where to start? I grew up in Santa Rosa, California, in the middle of wine country. You couldn't ask to live in a more beautiful location. It seemed like the weather was always near perfect. I certainly don't remember feeling like I was freezing to death each winter! (That could be the age difference, but I think it was part climate too!) I wish that I could say that I long to live there again, but I was really glad to get out.
I've lived in San Angelo, Texas, Moyock, North Carolina, Chesapeake and Williamsburg, Virginia and now Cincinnati, Ohio. I can honestly say that of all these places the one I love the most is Cincinnati. It has nothing to do with the climate or the scenery, but everything to do with all the wonderful people I've met, the friends I've made, and the healing that I've been blessed with.
I live with my husband, my daughter, and five cats... yes, that really does say 5! I love reading, especially biographies, mysteries, and stories of people overcoming challenges. I like gardening, to a certain extent! I enjoy planting and digging in the soil and watching things grow and bloom, but I'm not very fond of weeding and taking care of it when it's 100 degrees outside! My front flower bed looks like chaos because I'm known for buying whatever I love and then worrying about how and where I'm going to fit it in! I think the flower bed may just be an outer expression of the chaos of thoughts that are often floating around in my head! I love just about any type of food, especially the type that I don't have to cook! (I'm afraid the outer expression of that is more obvious!) I really enjoy going for walks in the woods. Winton Woods has a couple of nice trails, and Miami Whitewater has my favorite... a long walk up and down hills in the woods. I can't wait until I get to go out to the Blue Ridge mountains again and do some hiking out there- I've never been anywhere more peaceful and beautiful, especially when you hike down to see an awesome waterfall!
Okay, I do tend to ramble when I'm writing... often I'll say a lot more through typing than I ever will verbally. And I'm afraid I'll end up boring everyone because half the time I can't even recall what I've been doing all day or even what I've read lately. Maybe I'll do better by writing it down here. You can hope!
This is it for now though!


chelle said...

Patty..YAY!!! Welcome to blogging. I am SOOOOO the same way in person compared to writing! I am even braver on the phone than in real life lol. Looking forward to learning more about you and your family...besides Aimee...I hear loads about her :D

chelle said...

Ohh forgot to say what I would like to know about you...Were you raised in the church? If not when were you baptized? And...How did you meet your hubby?

lou said...

You Rock! It is such fun to find out every little detail about a person you already think you know (do I wander?) Love You !

Papa D said...

Welcome to the world of putting off real life to record thoughts of real life!

Shayleen Lunt said...

Hi Patty! It's great to get everyone on this blogger thing. You really do get to know more about people that we don't have time to talk to on Sunday.

Shelly said...

Hi, I know quite a bit about you. You are private, but a great friend. I sure wish we kept in touch much more often.