Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ask.. and ye shall receive!

This is to answer chelle..
I was semi raised in the church. My parents went through periods of being inactive so I don't have real clear memories of primary and I wasn't in YW for more than a year or two. I was the black sheep of the family so I didn't have the typical "Mormon" experience growing up.
I met David in San Angelo, TX. He needed a babysitter and I was looking for part time work. (Yep... he married the babysitter!)
Thanks for your enthusiasm about my blog! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!


chelle said...

Thats cool. I can totally relate to some of the experiences I am sure experienced being a wild n crazy sort of Morman girl..becase I wasn't sort of Mormon..I was all the way bad! lol
Way to go David scoring with the babysitter!!! Ever thought about making a sitcom...I married the babysitter?? Wait..never mind..that.. eek ..might bring up some Jerry Springer kind of things. You too seem so much in love...what a cool way to meet. Best job you've ever had huh Patty!!

chelle said...

I am THE typo queen..sry for all my mistakes above.. some of them are supposed to read
....I am sure YOU experienced
....you TWO seem so in love
probably messed up more than that but that is the TWO I caught when I went back and read it...of course AFTER I had posted it!