Monday, June 3, 2013

The Great Outdoors

 David on his new bike on the Panhandle Trail in West Virginia.
I really love this trail. Not only is it only 10-15 minutes from our house,
it's 29 miles long so we can ride as long as we want!
 I'm glad I come prepared with a camelback (water) and lots of other "might need" items.
One of those is OFF bug spray, which came in handy when I picked up another tick.
I'll have to start proactively spraying myself with it before rides, but it works for getting them off too!
 It's fun living in an area that includes three different states. We rode about 4 miles from
West Virginia and crossed into Pennsylvania.
 The trail follows a really pretty creek for most of the way. Lots of scenic places to stop.
 Another pretty spot along the creek.
 Here's how my garden is looking lately. The red leaf lettuce and potatoes are doing the best.
The first batch of green bean seeds were eaten (by birds, I think) but this second planting is coming up fast!
If you look close you can see the tall, skinny asparagus stalks behind everything else. The green onions are happy near the house and the cilantro is taking off! 

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