Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is It Hot Enough Yet??

Okay, weeks of 90+ degree days with humidity is bad enough, but 98 with a heat index of 110-115?? I thought I left temps like that behind when I moved out of Texas!

Is it just me, or does it really seem like the weather patterns have gotten pretty weird? It seems like we get hardly any spring or fall but have more extreme summer and winters. Maybe it's just that I'm a silly, short-sighted human (for whom 10 years seems like a looong time) but I'd love to know if the weather patterns really are unusual, or if it just seems like it because weather is hyped up so much on the news.

Rather than focus on the miserable heat, though, I've come up with my favorite things during a heat wave:
cold water
lazy days so I can stay inside
good books to read on the above mentioned days
meals that don't require oven or stove
ice cream

What are you doing to stay cool this summer??


paul said...

having a nasty heat wave here in Pennsylvania

since my car has no air conditioning, i just took a couple vacation days - no way i want to drive to work even with the windows down

weather seems to be more extreme to me, too

can make a God-fearing Christian start to wonder :)

Papa D said...

Maybe the Lord has set his hand to change the times and the seasons. :)

Mama D said...

I love your perspective of looking for the blessings! I'm grateful for A/C, too, especially in our vehicles since we are driving 7-8 hours in them today/tomorrow morning!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

I remember my dad saying "the weather sure is changing" when I was about Karina's age!! Is it our memories... or is it really changing? I haven't lived anywhere long enough lately to know if the weather is "normal" or not any more!!! But I'm sure loving our "summer"--only 1 day at 90 degrees, nothing over that so far!! mom