Friday, September 17, 2010

Tribute to Elder Sudweeks

This is for Elder Sudweeks, who didn't think I would dare to put his bit of wisdom on my blog:

"Verily, verily I say unto you... he who goes to bed with itchy bum, wakes with stinky finger."

My apologies to those whose sensitive natures have been offended. (Admit it, though... you laughed too!!)

I hope his family and friends are as happy to have him home as we are sad to see him go.


Mama D said...

LOL! Sounds like Elder Sudweeks was a fantastic missionary who knew how to have fun but still share the gospel. I know you aren't the only one sad to see him go home. But his family will be happy to see him, and you can still stay in touch!

From what we hear, Ryan is this type of missionary, too. I'm glad his testimony has been strengthened but he hasn't lost his sense of humor!

Charleen said...

Don't you just love our wonderful committed Elders? To think they so willingly give two years of their lives to serve our Father in Heaven and all of those who seek the truth, and even us.