Monday, August 23, 2010

Glad it's Not Last Week Anymore!

Whiskers and Buddy

Me "torturing" Dewey

I'm not even sure what to write. I've been in a funk lately, physically, spiritually, and mentally. I feel really blah this morning and not inclined to clean house and do laundry and make phone calls. I'll do it anyways, though.

Last Monday I got bucked off of Chloe (she was startled by her obnoxious mule companion suddenly racing back to the barn as if a predator was on her heels. Since I had just barely mounted Chloe when she decided to try to run for her life also, she was able to buck me off.) I ended up with a pretty severe pinched nerve running from my neck down to my fingers. The chiropractor helped quite a bit but nerves are notoriously slow to heal. It's been hard trying to slow down and not do everything I want and need to be doing. It's especially frustrating to have had so many injuries lately. That's really unusual for me and I don't like it! I don't think I'm going to do old age very well... the thought of being slowed down and having more and more aches and pains is just depressing.

Thankfully today I'm able to turn my head both ways and do light housework without a lot of pain. I still have to be careful about lifting and not overdoing it, but it's encouraging to feel my body mending bit by bit.
As if another injury wasn't enough, it seems like literal craziness has been attaching itself to me all week. One weird phone call/situation after another. I really enjoy most of the people I talk to but sometimes it's overwhelming to get so many strange things going on at once (and not even be able to discuss half of them!)
I'm hoping that it was just the full moon and that this week will normalize.

Aimee is doing her last day of driving for driver's ed today. We've got to work on getting the rest of her behind the wheel hours and then she can test for her license! Yay!! It's great watching her take on new challenges and learning life skills. She also starts school tomorrow. Hard to believe she's a junior already. She'll be in the Teacher's Academy program which helps prepare her for becoming a teacher. It means she'll be commuting over to our school district's other high school each morning and then back to her school for the remainder of her classes. She's also taking a couple of AP classes, is on the student senate, and will be attending early morning seminary, serving as secretary in the Laurels and serving on the stake youth committee. No worries about her not being busy enough!! She's really maturing and becoming quite the young woman.

All things considered, life is good lately. I know I can't expect to have smooth sailing every day so I try to take the wind and rain in stride as much as possible. I'm even getting better about dealing with last minute stuff. (Although I still prefer things to be well planned out!!)
Hopefully soon I'll have something better to post. (Oh, yeah... the pictures don't really have to do with anything. I just got tired of seeing nothing but words!)


Steve and Jamie said...

Sorry to add to your phone calls the last few days! Hang in there and let me know if I can do anything for you.

Mama D said...

Just so you know, you are an amazing friend, an amazing woman, and an amazing RS Pres.

I think there are times in our lives when the pendulum swings to the crazy weird side, and not falling off is quite an accomplishment!

Hope things calm down for you soon!

heather said...

Those were cute pictures. I'm sorry things are so crazy for you. Hang in there if you need any help just let me know.

chelle said...

Love the randomness of the pics. Too cute!
I hope this week has been more normal. (whatever normal may be in your situation)
Keep hanging in there. :)