Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random pictures

Here's a rose in my backyard. It was a salvaged plant... someone planted it in the very shady corner of the backyard where it never really thrived (go figure!) When I decided to pull it out I couldn't bear to just throw it away so I plopped it in the ground and let it go... here's how it repaid me! (Well worth the effort!!)
I love cool looking bugs. And my zinnias seem to attract some good ones!
Check out the color on this guy!

Here's "Bear" doing what he does best- relaxing!
I'd pay good money to learn how to relax as well as he does!!

David and I hiked the trail at the Caesar Creek Nature Preserve last Saturday.
It was beautiful! I walked to the creek to get some pics and wish I could have stayed there for hours. It was so quiet and peaceful. Too bad it's so far from my house- I'd go back a lot more often if I could!

We had a visitor for a few days last week. Aimee named him Phillip.
He enjoyed hanging out on our zinnias and eating all the bugs he caught.


chelle said...

Love the pics.
I need a peaceful retreat by a creek. I have been able to handle a lot more walking lately. Maybe I need to get up, out and over to a really cool park and walk.
Bear cracks me up! Can you imagine just flopping down, legs spread, arms over your head and just zonking out for a while. Not caring whats going on around you or who sees you?? lolThat is the life lol

Thanks aof rhsaring
I love the flowers and I too often lookfor weird bugs in out back yard.

heather said...

Those are great pictures. They could be on postcard or greeting cards. It makes me want to reconnect with nature and then take a nap.