Friday, August 28, 2009

My Week in Review

Monday: Get up before the crack of dawn (hooray for seminary starting a week before school does... please note the sarcastic tone!) Drive to church at 5:15 am. Visit with "Seminary Support Group" (other Moms who can't just drop their kids off but have to wait there instead) and read scriptures.
Get back home around 6:40 am. Eat breakfast, exercise, shower. Meet with someone in need of food to do a food order. Go grocery shopping for this person. Go home and eat lunch then clean up house. Make homemade dinner for family, do FHE, relax a little and head to bed!
Tuesday: Up early again and off to the church. It feels like a second home by the third week of seminary. Then it's the usual routine: eat, exercise, shower. Throw in some laundry. Meet with the sister missionaries and discuss how the work is going in our ward. Then it's off to the chiropractor to see if he can get rid of the back pain. Back home in time to make dinner and then it's time to relax a little!
Wednesday: Same ol' same ol'. Except today I went back to bed in the morning. That extra 1 1/2 hours of sleep really makes a difference!! More house cleaning, run a few errands including picking up Aimee's schedule and some new jeans, make some phone calls, otherwise just stay at home and get stuff done. Then it's out again to take Aimee to YW and some time at the library for me (David was at a Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting.) Laugh when my family sees how many books I've picked up at the library. I think I'm officially an addict.
Thursday: This time there's no time for going back to bed or exercising in the morning. Instead, I make pancakes for everyone's breakfast, see David off to work and then hit the shower. Get ready and head off to a presidency meeting at Erin's house. Then it's back home for 1/2 an hour and then off to another food order appointment. Back home again and try to work on laundry. I'm getting really bad about forgetting the loads in the dryer and having to re-run them because everything's wrinkly. I'm hanging on to my sanity as best I can! Make a new recipe for dinner that goes over amazingly well, then head off to Winton Woods for a 6 mile bike ride with David. Aimee still won't join us, but we had a good time! And David's not sore at all after only 6 miles. Guess we'll figure out what the magic number of miles is before too long.
Friday: Okay, getting back into a seminary schedule is HARD. And I'm not even the type who likes to stay up really late or sleep in. But my usual bedtime is around 10:00- 10:30 and I'm having to be up by 4:45. This just doesn't work well with my body! So it's back to bed for an hour today. I feel like such a slacker. But that doesn't stop me because at least this way I'm not feeling dead or cranky. Time to exercise and shower then it's off to the last food order of the week. Back to working on laundry (and setting the timer so I don't forget the dryer... boy, I wish the dryer had a buzzer to let me know when it was done!!) Time to chat with my cuz and other friends online for a bit, as well as update my blog. I'm looking forward to another visit with the chiropractor and then it's off to pick up a pizza at Sam's Club for dinner. Hopefully we'll get a walk in after dinner and before the rain, but after that it's time to watch a movie and relax!

Funny thing is... I've been told I stay busier than most people but I just don't see it that way. I still feel like such a slacker if I'm not doing something productive for the majority of every day, especially since I don't work outside the home or have little children. I still look at the Moms in our ward with amazement because I know they're not only staying busy, but taking care of little ones at the same time! And doing a dang good job of it!

So how's your week been??


Mama D said...

The basics of my week went something like this:

Continue to resist the urge to text Jeff "just because" - especially because his classes started on Mon. :)

Be grateful that our seminary teaching material finally arrived - and then try not to get completely overwhelmed as I looked through it. Holy crap, there's a lot more to teaching sem than you might think! Wish things had moved faster so we could have attended the stake training for help and support. I feel like I'm being thrown into the ocean without a boat nearby! But at least I have a life jacket. (Ray, of course, doesn't feel this way - he could teach or give a talk impromptu and do great!)

Take Laura to soccer clinic (free through the county) and watch her go through the ups and downs of learning something new. I think she's decided to stick w/ it, though, since she scored most of the points in their informal practice "games."

Team teach sem with Ray on Thurs. It went well. Sleep through sem on Fri because I wasn't feeling well. Glad that Ray could teach it without me! And we're all glad that it's at 7 AM!

Deal with continuing ups and downs of adjusting, first full week of school for the girls, fatigue, cramps, etc, etc, etc.

Help Katasha who was home sick today.

Go to job interviews on Wed and on Fri. Date night w/ Ray to talk through implications and try to decide what to do.

Enjoy pictures from Elder DeGraw!! He looks good. There was one of him with the woman he baptized on Sat 8/15. :)

Cassie said...

lay on couch waiting for baby then lay in hospital with baby. not my most productive week ever, i didn't even push.