Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good News, Bad News

The bad news... my washer broke this morning. It went into the spin cycle and proceeded to shake in a way that made me run to the basement to see if the walls were falling in. Not what I need first thing in the morning!
The good news... rather than call an expensive repairman (or chuck the thing to the curb- very tempting!) I went online and researched what might possibly make a washer act this way. I was able to find directions on how to open up my washer and the problem was instantly apparent- a broken spring. Thankfully I was able to find a place that sells the springs and get one today, and for only $5! I have since installed the new spring and washed another load of laundry. No house shaking, no crazy noise... just the blessed sound of comfort and ease in the laundry department!

The bad news... Aimee has had an ongoing problem with an ingrown toenail and it's flared up again. I was able to get an appointment with her doctor yesterday afternoon and he had to cut away a large portion of the nail on both sides. I stoicly tried to stand by her side for the whole procedure but had to opt for a chair about 3/4 of the way through. My family has a propensity for passing out and I'm not immune to it. Thankfully I've learned the signs and have also learned to SIT DOWN at once (don't wait!!) I was able to put the chair next to Aimee and try to give her comfort for the rest of the procedure, which was really gross.
The good news... the doctor did everything in his power to fix this nail so that the problem won't re-occur. It's also very good news that we have medical insurance and there are doctors who are able to stand doing stuff like this because it's totally obvious that I won't be cutting into human flesh any day soon. (Yuck!)

The bad news... Aimee's toe hurt so bad last night that she was up until well after midnight (which means Mom was up too!) I re-wrapped her toe more loosely, propped it up on pillows and put ice on it. She was finally able to get to sleep.
The good news... since we were both up there was no way I was making Aimee go to seminary this morning so I haven't been up since 4:30 this morning! The other good news was that I was able to look at and re-wrap this toe without feeling queasy or faint... even Aimee was grossed out by it late last night!!

The bad news... I found a spider sitting in my laundry basket today. This is after fixing the washer so I was feeling very capable of taking care of things and proceeded to try to fling him out... but he kept landing back in the basket on the clothes.
The good news... later when I went to do this load of laundry there was no spider in sight, which means I also didn't get bit or have one jump on me. Of course, it also means that I'm not sure where the spider went... I think I saw a spider leg in the bottom of the washer after that load...

The bad news... because of the whole toenail thing we weren't able to have FHE last night. Bummer. We were going to go over the first lesson from Financial Peace University since Aimee can't go to it with us most Tuesdays.
The good news... I got an email today letting me know that Aimee doesn't have drumline so she can go with us tonight to Financial Peace University! (She's going to fight it tooth and nail but she's going anyway!!)

The good news... I actually have time to be online and blog!
The bad news... I make my posts way too long!


Mama D said...

That is a lot of good (and bad) news. I'm just glad that you are blogging again! I've missed your posts. :)

Hope Aimee is feeling better. I guess this was why she wasn't at church on Sun? I missed my weekly hug from her!

And I know who to call when my washer goes haywire...

Leslie said...

Wow! You de woman! I can't believe how awesome you are to fix your own dryer!

Sorry for Aimee's toe, I wish it a speedy recovery!

Cassie said...

I hope the drugs made her a little amusing at least, my brother was hilarious after his.

And props for the washer thing.

Oh good luck with getting the teenager to the financial thing.