Friday, February 29, 2008

100 Things About Me

1. I hate organ music. I know that's shocking, especially for all those fans of church music, but I really cannot stand the sound of an organ.

2. Because of my aversion to organ music, I DO NOT want any played at my funeral. Piano is good, flute is fine, french horn would be cool, even the bagpipes or an accordian. Just not the organ!!

3. I wouldn't do away with all organ music even if I could because I recognize that it actually sounds lovely to many other peoples' ears.

4. Enough talk about organs. Unless we're talking human organs. I'm still fascinated by the human body. Just not enough to enter the medical field.

5. I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

6. #5 is kinda false. I've always wanted to own a horse ranch and raise and train wonderful horses.

7. I'm looking forward to spring.

8. I'm always cold. Especially my feet and fingers. Even with 2 pairs of socks on.

9. I'd like to do a better garden this year. The goal is to have 3-4 boxes for square foot gardening.

10. I hope my plants grow well enough that I can actually use it to save money on groceries!

11. I'm not sure if I like grocery shopping or not. I like looking at all the stuff, and finding good deals, but I don't like the chore of having to go to the store and find the stuff I need.

12. I just remembered that today is payday and I haven't sat down and paid my bills yet. (None are due immediately anyway.)

13. Hmmm... I'm noticing that a lot of these "things" aren't really about me.

14. I don't think I'll find 100 things if they all really had to be about me.

15. I love it when we get a lot of snow, but getting an inch here and an inch there is somewhat annoying.

16. I really don't like rain. I don't like my glasses getting wet and I don't like the gray gloominess.

17. I was really happy with our drought last year. My yard was finally dry! And my other plants didn't seem to mind my sporadic watering.

18. I love thunderstorms. When I lived in Texas that was one of the greatest perks. You get an especially good view in West Texas because it's so flat and open.

19. I don't like thunderstorms at bedtime.

20. I'm not the type of person who can just lay down and fall asleep so I like it to be quiet and dark. (Which explains #19!)

21. I have too much stuff.

22. I like to go through my stuff and get rid of as much of it as possible. (Goodwill loves me.)

23. I hate making up Christmas wish lists. I'm not into the presents anyway, and half the time I get an item similar to what I wanted, but different enough that I can't really use it. And then I feel too guilty to get rid of it... for awhile.

24. My favorite presents are always the homemade ones.

25. I'm definitely too picky sometimes.

26. Except with food. I wish I WAS pickier with food. I haven't met too many foods I don't like. And way too many that I love.

27. I used to think that I hated cooking. Then I realized I just hate heating up already prepared junk. I like cooking if it's from scratch.

28. My family doesn't always appreciate my new found love for cooking from scratch. Especially when I try new recipes on them!

29. I could eat chinese or mexican food almost every day.

30. I'd weigh over 300 pounds if I actually did!

30. My body doesn't seem to want to let go of extra weight. Even with exercising 4-5 times a week and eating decent.

31. #30 depresses me sometimes. Makes me think that maybe I ought to just give in to it and just enjoy all the food I know I should avoid. Then I think of how much better I FEEL and it doesn't matter quite as much that I'm not shrinking.

32. I don't want to color my hair. I want to gracefully accept the fact that I am part of the normal aging process and let the silver take over at it's own pace.

33. I do want to cut my hair, though. I'm trying to hold off until I have enough to give to locks for love again, and it needs to warm up some, but then I'd like to get a "cute" hairdo.

34. I'm not sure there IS a "cute" hairdo on me.

35. I'm not really bothered by #34. It's just hair. I thank God I have some.

36. I wonder what I would look like bald.

37. I wonder if I would I be brave enough to walk around bald if I ever had to go through chemo?

38. The last movie I saw was 1408. Creepy. (My daughter's choice.) The one before that was "I am Legend", my choice. It was interesting.

39. I'm running out of things to write.

40. I should have plenty to put on here since I haven't been blogging as frequently!!

41. I'd much rather learn about someone else than talk about myself.

42. I used to want more kids. Badly. Now I'm content with knowing that one is all I'm going to blessed with.

43. Sometimes I need to be more thankful for the daughter I have. Instead of just getting annoyed at her teenage self.

44. I wish I related better to my daughter. I love her dearly, but sometimes I wonder why Heavenly Father would torture her by sending her to someone who has so little in common with her.

45. I've never been able to do hair. Poor Aimee.

46. I love checking the mail. It's almost like I fool myself into believing that TODAY there really will be something cool in there!

47. Most days there is definitely nothing cool in my mailbox. Mostly ads. Here lately, a lot of junk from Barack and Hillary. Guess John McCain hasn't found me yet.

48. I don't like any of the choices for President this time.

49. It's been awhile since I've liked any of the choices.

50. I'm waiting on a washer repair guy. My washer filled up with water and clothes and won't spin or drain. If I can get it diagnosed I might try to fix it myself. (Which usually gets my hubby to step in and do it without it being torn completely apart.) Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be a cheap fix.

51. I drive David crazy because I want things to be done "right." (Can we say "perfectionist"??)

52. David drives me crazy because he doesn't really care if something is done perfectly!

53. I like to disassemble things. Problem is, I usually can't figure out how to get them back together again.

54. Reading assembly instructions is almost impossible for me. They have to have really good pictures.

55. Despite #54, I still buy plenty of things that I have to put together. And I do it successfully (most of the time.)

56. I don't rinse out my recyclables most of the time. I know that bugs a lot of people, but I figure that if I'm paying to recycle (this is the only place I've lived where the person recycling PAYS.) then I'm not going to worry about the condition of the stuff. Someone somewhere is being paid to take care of it. Not me.

57. I'm not afraid to get dirty doing a job, so I assume that other people with dirty jobs don't mind it either. Maybe that's why it doesn't bother me to think of other people having to work with trash.

58. I haven't found very many hobbies that I REALLY love. Certainly not enough to spend money on them.

59. I DO love horses, and would gladly work to pay for one, but at this point that would be pretty selfish and senseless.

60. I hope that by the time I can get another horse I'll still be up to it physically.

61. I try to take good care of my body. But I'm not obsessive and I don't go to extremes.

62. I would never be picked for Wife Swap because I'm so middle of the road. Very few extremes in my life.

63. I like watching Wife Swap and learning about other people's beliefs, lives, and way of looking at the world.

64. I don't mind paying a professional to do a repair... because I watch and learn how to do it myself the next time.

65. I'm thankful we had already gotten our tax return so the washer repair wasn't a big deal.

66. My mind really does jump around like this. It'd be weird to actually write down every thought I have for one day. (I'd have to learn to type a lot faster!!)

67. I like pretty things, but mostly ones that God has made. I especially love flowers.

68. I usually ask my husband to get me live plants rather than cut flowers. I'd rather enjoy them outside for months (or even years) than for a week or two on my table.

69. I am VERY practical. I like solutions that make sense and save time, money, or both.

70. I realized in my teen years that most of the stuff in this world really is just vanity.

71. That didn't stop me from still wanting "stuff" for years.

72. I no longer want much "stuff"- I just want good relationships.

73. I admire people who are open with their feelings and affection.

74. My cats like to parade in front of my computer screen... especially when I'm busy typing.

75. Wow... 100 things is a LOT to think up!!

76. I used to sneak out of my parents' house at night and walk down dark roads. I can't believe I was so stupid. And so brave. I'd NEVER do that now.

77. You'll have to ask me to find out why I was walking those dark roads! Hah! (You may not like the answer though!)

78. I've made more stupid, really bad mistakes than almost anyone else I know.

79. My life could have been a soap opera. I'm thankful that it's too "boring" to be one now!!

80. Guess I'm lucky I didn't die off in my soap opera life.

81. I used to wish I would die. I only had the guts to try to once.

82. Being forced to vomit up large quantities of tylenol is a very bad experience. I wouldn't recommend it.

83. Luckily, I didn't try to perfect a "better" way to die.

84. I can be very morbid sometimes.

85. I was married once before.

86. I think I've spent my entire adult life married. I don't know what it would be like to be single.

87. I don't really care to know what it would be like to be single.

88. I wouldn't want my daughter to get married so young. I think it's better to have some time to figure out who you are and what you want in life.

89. I'm almost to the point that I have no regrets. I still wish I had done things differently, but it's in the past and I can't change it. No sense regretting it any more.

90. My biggest regret is that I didn't understand the gospel enough to share it with the people in my past. And I couldn't comprehend the Savior's love to be able to pass it along either.

91. The only bones I've broken were a couple of toes. I had a horse fall under me when I was a teenager. I had my mom tape the toes together and never bothered to see a doctor for them.

92. I've only had stitches once, on the end of one of my fingers.

93. I think I'm built pretty dang sturdy. Like a Clydesdale.

94. I'm not sure if I'd rather be "dainty" or "petite." I am what I am.

95. I was a tomboy. I loved being outside with my brother and his friends. They all knew I could kick their butts.

96. I still like some guy stuff, but I hate getting my hands dirty. So I like to change my oil, but I don't want to actually get dirty doing it. David usually helps solve this problem by doing it himself. (Yea for such an awesome hubby!!)

97. I don't drive my car enough to need an oil change every 3 months.

98. I've been driving it more since I became RS President!!

99. I like driving, except in heavy traffic. (Especially when I'm driving a standard!!)

100. It was easier to list 100 things than to try to come up with a great "spiritual" post today!!


Anonymous said...

Regaurdless of what you say and or write i will love you forever.


Steve and Jamie said...

I loved reading your 100 things! I don't know why you keep saying that you are boring, I think you are a very interesting person. I love it that you are "practical" and I love that you are comfortable being you! I really look up to you.

cassie said...

I hear ya on the organ music thing, really who thinks that sounds good. I can remember trying to study my scriptures in the Kimball building, with this one guy going to town on the organ in the chapel, it was awful. I'm sure technically he was an awesome player but really do they hear what I hear?

That was a good list. I always enjoy getting to know you more.

Mama D said...

Great list! Thanks for sharing.

About that organ thing -- you and Cassie must have a lot of fun trying to hide your grimaces during sac. mtg! lol

Louann and Bari said...

I love you Bunches And Bunches!!! I love your 100 things- I've been thinking about doing it (maybe that's cheating), I was suprised about #25-I don't see you as 'picky' at all. You can be soooo layed back!

chelle said...

What a great list. I love how you just tell it like it is. I am terrible at that sometimes and I really admire people who do it. People that are really comfortable in their skin.
I am built like 2 clydesdales!! I have never broken anything. I just get the weird injuries that really set me back more than a broken bone would!! Go figure.
Thanks for sharing. It is fun doing these kinds of things getting to know people a bit more. I am glad you went through what you went through before I knew you. Not that you had the pain an dsuffering you had to deal with. But, it has made you who you are today...and that is someone really great!

Dory said...

I'm with you on the garden thing. I have 2 4x4 boxes already and hope to be more successful this year. Maybe we can help each other out.

Papa D said...

I LOVED the list. There are too many that I loved to do this justice, but ...

"I don't like any of the choices for President this time." AMEN, you organ-hating weirdo. *grin*

(My resolution this month is to be more meek [which includes gentle], so I'm not starting out on a good note with this comment. **bigger grin** )