Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Really great poem

I found this poem in the transcript of a BYU fireside I was reading- it was too great to not share!

I prayed for strength when life pulsed low
Until God answered me:
"Go, lift the load of weary ones
Then I will strengthen thee."

I asked for courage when hope despaired,
Then came a voice benign:
"Inspire with faith thy brother's soul,
And I'll inspire thine."

I longed for light when darkness made
Me stumble through the night:
"Thy lamp held high for others' feet
Will make thy pathway bright."

I prayed that wisdom, talent, skill
Increased their meager store:
"First, share the portions that you have,
And I will give thee more."

At length I learned that blessings sought,
And help for which I pray,
Are only mine when shed abroad
And given, first, away.

[Leila Grace Bassford, in Especially for Mormons, vol. 3, complied by Stan and Sharon Miller (Provo, Utah: Kellirae Arts, 1976), p. 252]


chelle said...

I love that poem. It is so true! When I actually got off my soap box and put it to good use that is. I know that is all it takes for me to forget about myself, is to serve someone in need!
What a great reminder!
Does walking your kids to school count for my service today?!? HAHA just kidding! I am so over myself now. lol

Papa D said...

Great poem. Thanks for sharing it.

Mama D said...

Thanks for sharing this! Great advice!